Dear Clover Pup Family...

We are still following our established safety procedures, but are making a few adjustments for the your convenience, as well as the comfort of your pets. Here's the info on our procedures:

  • Make an appointment. We are not permitted to allow walk ins. Even nail trims require an appointment time.
  • Be on time. Because of the additional restrictions we are under, and the extreme measures we are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy, we are running on a VERY tight schedule. Pets arriving more than five minutes after their appointment time will be turned away.
  • When you arrive for drop-off, please bring your dog to the front door and ring the doorbell that (It's on the door!) Please remain outside. We will come out to greet you.
  • When you arrive for pick-up, please ring the doorbell at the front door again, and we will be out to discuss, handle payment, and return your dog. Payment by phone is still available, just let us know when we call to let you know your dog is ready!
  • Once you ring the doorbell, please be patient. Sometimes it takes us a minute to get to the door; We have to make sure any dogs we are working on are secured safely before coming to meet you.
  • Arrive for pick-up promptly. We have restrictions on the number of animals we can have in the building, and will not be able to house pets for more than a few minutes following their appointment. You will be contacted 15 minutes before your pet is finished, and you will be expected to arrive promptly. Should your pet be left waiting for an unreasonable amount of time, there will be a charge added to your bill, and it could delay the scheduling of your next appointment.

We can get through this together if everyone does their part. Thank you all in advance for working with us while we all figure this out.

Be safe,
Allison and the Clover Pup Team


Clover Pup Salon is your all breed grooming facility in Racine, Wisconsin! We cannot wait to meet you and your furry friends! Our grooming staff is excited to see what they can do for you and your dogs.  Your dogs will receive extra-special care at our clean, comfortable grooming salon.

We are always accepting new clients, so give us a call to find out how we can pamper your pup!


Clover Pup Salon has been named the first ever Grooming Ambassador for Bobbi Panter pet products! We are honored to receive this title!

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We are looking for awesome people to join our little team as groomers or bathers! If you are interested, please email us with a resume. If you don't have a resume, send us a little bit about yourself and your experience. If you know someone who might be interested, please have them email us!

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Best of Racine County Award

Thank You!

We are so excited to have been voted as the second place winner in the 2020 Best of Racine Pet Pampering category! This is our second year in row winning second place! We are so glad that we have been able to show you our commitment to your pets. We wouldn't be who we are without you, and we appreciate your votes!

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We happily accept nail trims and face, feet, or sanitary trims on a walk in basis anytime we are open. Just drop by to see us!

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